Why It Is Important To Fix Water Damage Quickly

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Water is a powerful force of nature and when it is not maintained and managed safely it can have serious and devastating effects on ones home and property. Whether a water-related incident, avoidable or not arises, time is of the essence. The first 24 to 48 hours are crucial after water has caused damage to your home or property. After around 24 hours wet materials start creating serious problems like mould and bacteria which can cause chronic health problems. Taking wet and contaminated materials out of your home reduces the chances of dangerous microorganisms multiplying and spreading throughout your property causing harm to your health. Removing contaminated materials and harmful bacteria improves air quality in your home and makes the restoration of your home easier and more successful.

The success of water damage repair is greatly affected by how quickly it is begun and how effectively it is carried out. We advise that getting a water damage expert who will get to the water damaged scene fast, that will assess the full extent of the damage caused, and start the water damage remediation process quickly will ultimately prevent any permanent damage and growth of toxic materials such as mould and bacteria in the near and distant future.

Advanced Maintenance Ltd carries out full water damage repairs to the fabric of properties by using water extraction units, air movement units, dehumidifiers, and monitor temperature control to dry out places that have been affected by water damage. We will also work with insurance companies of the individuals who have been affected by water damage to confirm their cover anWhy It Is Important To Fix Water Damage Quicklyd give estimates of costs to have their property restored to its pre-accident state. We provide a full managed building repair service.

If you would like to avail of our services or find out any additional information in relation to water damage then call us in Cork on 021-486-6133 or in Dublin on 01-554-3923 or visit us online and we will help you.