Roof Leak Detection



Roof Leak DetectionThermal Imaging is an extremely cost effective technique for evaluating the integrity of a wide range of roof systems.

Surface damage to the outer membrane will cause water to be absorbed into sub-surface insulation layers and can result in major structural damage or at the very least deterioration to any structure near the leak location.

A Thermal Imaging survey will quickly locate any area where moisture is retained or trapped. Knowing the exact location of the trapped moisture will allow for an accurate decision to be made regarding the remedial repairs necessary.

Pinpointing these areas with an infrared camera will save on un-necessary repairs to other parts of the roof and will also help extend the life cycle of the roof.

BUILDING_moisture-roofing-IR-VI-imageA Thermal Imaging Survey should be carried out:

  • When leaks are detected within the roofing system
  • Prior to acceptance of a new roof system
  • Before any existing warranties expire
  • Before acquiring a new building
  • Before roofing over an existing roof
  • For planned maintenance purposes
  • When a pre-purchase construction report is needed


Roof Leak Detection Video