Underfloor Heating Leak Detection

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A more popular way of heating homes in recent years is underfloor heating, usually electric or water underfloor heating is used. In this central heating technique, climate control is achieved through the process of convection, conduction or radiation. It is not a very expensive method of heating homes. Here, the heating equipment is installed under the floor of a home to enable heating the house from the floor upwards. The advantage over conventional radiation is that this is space saving, aesthetic and uniform heating is achieved.


Basically there are two methods of underfloor heating. One is using water and the other is using electricity. This form of heating is environmentally friendly. But the problem arises when a leak arises. It is messy and quite impossible to excavate to find the source of the leak. So now many organizations have come up with methods of locating the place where the leak has occurred without the cumbersome excavation.


Heating water leaks under floor can be detected through Thermal Imaging Cameras or using Ground Microphones or even Leak Correlators and Acoustic Data Loggers. If left undetected, the leak can cause damage to the house and deterioration of the property.


One sure method of detecting under floor heating leaks is using Thermal Imaging Surveys. Here a camera which detects heat will survey the floor. The camera has the ability to register the variations in temperatures. The pattern of water ingress can be traced thus identifying the location of the leak.


Another method is injecting non-toxic gas which is safe into the central heating pipes laid under the floor. This gas will pinpoint the location of the leak since it will escape through the area in the floor where the leak occurs. This Tracer Gas method is very effective.


The Acoustic Survey is yet another way of detecting leakage. Electronic microphones amplify the sound where the leak occurs. This enables the engineers to locate the leak to carry out repairs.


Another electronic way of discovering leaks is using a Leak Seeker. Here, the devices are attached to the two extremes of a pipe where leakage is suspected. Sound waves are sent from either ends and these meet at the point where the leak occurs. This information is then forwarded through a Bluetooth connection to the computer. The information is gathered by the engineer who can now act on fixing the leak at the correct spot.


Endoscopes are popular in the fields of medicine, but now they are effectively used to detect underfloor heating leaks too! This is quite often referred to as the See Snake Survey. Here endoscopes are used to view into inaccessible areas through small openings. A 6 mm color camera is used to look under the flooring to get a good view and detect the leak.


Thus Underfloor Heating Leak Detection has now reached a point where using the most modern of technologies finding the problem in an under floor heating system is no more a hassle; it can be done with latest equipment without any trouble. However, using experienced people for doing this job is extremely important as any error in leak detection may harm the entire underground system and may end up costing you more money.

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