Save Money On Your Heating Bill With Thermal Leak Detection

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A thermal leak is anywhere on your home that leaks cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter. Usually these areas are around doors and windows, but they can be found just about anywhere in your home.

Keeping your house cozy and warm in extremely cold winter doesn’t come free. Heating the insides of your house may cost you more than 50% of your household energy bills. But the worst thing is the loss of energy due to leaks and drafts in the walls and roofs. The hidden cracks and leaks cause as much loss in energy as through an open window. Similarly, in summer too, these leaks let out the cold air in the house. Such leaks are commonly referred to as thermal leaks. These are usually around windows and doors, but not necessarily; they can be anywhere.

As a result, you end up with a nonstop working heating or cooling system which isn’t doing any good to keep the atmosphere warm or cold. Moreover, when the heating system is turned on 24/7 on its full heating capacity, your electricity bill is going to skyrocket. Same goes for the air conditioning system.

On the other hand, detecting and fixing the leaks can bring a saving of 20% or more. There are several professional companies that offer leak detection services, but, however, these companies can charge high amounts for even small services.  You can also opt for an energy audit but that will only reveal your home energy efficiency rating with local average.

One of the best and the most economical way of detecting leaks is through thermal leak detection. Good quality thermal imaging detectors can be extremely expensive but hiring a leak detection company like AM Leak Detection to come to your home or business and use our advanced thermal leak detection equipment can prove a big cost saver.

With thermal leak detection you can discover hidden leaks that when repaired or insulated can save you big on your heating bill. Another thermal detector in this regard is the thermal camera. Thermal camera leak detection uses thermal imaging to detect the leakage. It uses infrared light spectrum which produces a thermal image which is then interpreted to reveal the drafts and leaks.

Also, thermal imaging can only be interpreted by those who are knowledgeable enough to understand the spectrum like us here at AM Leak Detection.

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