Non-Invasive Leak Detection

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Non-Invasive Leak Detection

Pipes are an integral part of daily living. These pipes, which hold water or gas, are well hidden under ground or below the floor of a house, within a wall or under the driveway. In all these cases, there is always a possibility of wear and tear causing leaks in the pipes. The most daunting problem is locating the exact place where the leak has occurred since the pipes are hidden. Often, these lead to considerable amount of damage and destruction of the areas where the pipeline is hidden. Thankfully, this no longer needs to be the case, since modern technology has introduced effective methods for non-invasive leak detection.

Spotting a leak

Wet patches or soggy areas are a sure sign of a leaking pipe. And when the water meters come in, the water bill will be another good indicator. When your water bill suddenly shoots up, it tells you that there is a leak somewhere. Similarly, if the water heater keeps turning on, when nobody has used the hot water, it could indicate a leak in the hot water pipes. It's at times like this you should get in thouch with AM Leak Detection, with our state of the art inspection devices, we can spot the exact location of the leak & begin the repair process. Early discovery of the leak and subsequent repairs can save a lot of money and wastage of precious resources.

Non Invasive Leak DetectionTypes of Non-Invasive Leak Detection

Among the more modern technology in leak detection are the following:

• Hydrophone sensors, which are leak noise correlators (LNC)

• Gas imaging cameras

• Infrared thermography (Thermal Imaging Camera)

Hydrophone Sensors

This is an effective non-invasive leak detection method where a couple of hydrophone sensors are mounted at a distance of 1000 feet to 5000 feet from each other over a specific pipeline. A specialist trained in this methodology listens to the sound emanating from the leak that is in the space of piping bounded by the two sensors. Judging by the amount of time the sound takes to reach the two sensors, he is able to pinpoint the place of the leak within a 3 foot accuracy.

Gas Imaging Cameras

These are useful to detect gas leaks where refrigeration gases are used in industrial refrigeration especially in the food industry. It is important to find these gas leaks quickly because they are quite hazardous to the environment.

Infrared Thermography

Here cameras use infrared imaging to locate the problem area for water leaks. This is especially useful while inspecting rooftops for leakage areas with no necessity of disturbing the ceiling or the roof.

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