Leak Detection Services in Ireland

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Modern architecture with its eye for aesthetics has a lot of hidden piping, be it for water or electricity or gas. Even heating has gone underfloor. This also has its innate problems when there is a leak. Detection and repair has to be done with minimum damage to the premises. This is where Leak Detection Services play a vital role.


Thermal Imaging

Infra-red thermal imaging cameras capture the heat emanating from objects. Thus they are useful for detecting heat leaks in a home particularly with underfloor heating. Once the source of the leak is detected it can be repaired without disturbing the rest of the area.

Thermal Imaging is helpful in evaluating the health of roof systems. Sometimes, when the outer membrane of the roof is damaged, water will seep into the next layer of insulation causing damage to the structure close to the leak. Here thermal imaging can locate the spot where moisture is collected enabling repairs.

The drawback here is that moisture leaks cannot be detected with this. Only fluctuations in heat can be detected. Thus it is different from X-ray equipment which virtually “sees” through the structure.


Acoustic Detection of Leaks

When liquids leak from a pipe at a point, they send an acoustic signal at the point of leakage. This can be detected using acoustic sensors. This is important in industrial settings as well as in homes. The disadvantage in this method is that “sweat” on the elbows cannot be located.


The Ultrasound Leak Detector

This converts gas leaking from pipes into an audible range through analog meter in the headset. So the engineer is able to hear the leak. The advantage of this method is that the device can be used in the noisy environment of an industrial plant. The ultrasound is able to ignore the ambient sound in the environment and convey only the sound of the gas leak whether it is air, or steam or Freon or nitrogen.


Trace Gas Leak Detection

This is used often in industries. A mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen gas is made with low viscosity so that when it is introduced into a pipe it quickly reaches the leak and escapes from even the smallest hole. Hydrogen being lighter than air, these molecules come up and can easily be detected. Helium is another gas used to detect leaks with the help of a helium mass spectrometer.

The drawback in this method, however, is the hazards related to using hydrogen. Also since the hydrogen escapes only in a vertical direction, it is easily detected only when the detector is held directly above it.


Visual Leak Detection

In this method, endoscopes or fibroscopes are able to go into tiny spaces and apertures enabling the appraisal of the point where the damage has occurred.

Thus these modern methods eliminate the damage caused by older techniques in detecting leaks and also allow the fault to be inspected before deciding on the repair itself. All thanks to modern technology and advance methods.


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