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Buildings, be they commercial or residential, have pipes running through them for gas, water and so on. But due to aesthetic considerations, these pipes are all concealed giving the interior a very uncluttered and clean look. But as time goes by, these pipes develop problems like leaks, which have to be detected and repaired. Here in Ireland Ireland & in Cork, where humidity is high, leaks can cause a serious amount of damage. Some damage is less severe than the others and often professional help might not be required. But, where leaks are undetectable by usual measure, expert help is required. Leak Detection Experts in Cork like Am Leak Detection play a vital role in this.

The first and most important step in reversing the damage is to detect the leaks. It is important to detect the source of the leakage since prolonged leakage not only leads to the wastage of precious liquid but leakage of water also damages property, especially the floors and the walls. Putting a figure on the origin of the leak is not always easy. In earlier days, plumbers had to break away portions of the wall to detect the leak. But today, technology has developed innovative ways of detecting leaks. This includes Acoustic Leak Detection, Thermal Imaging, Using Trace Gas and Visual Leak Detection.

In Acoustic Leak Detection, microphones, that are super sensitive, are used to detect the point, where the noise is loudest. When pressurised water, in plumbing systems leak, they are bound to produce a certain amount of sound. Judging by where the sound is the loudest, plumbers can diagnose the point of leakage. This minimises the damage it would otherwise cause to floors and walls in water leak detection. The walls in the affected area can then be excavated to repair the leakage.

In Thermal Imaging, an infrared camera is used, which can detect thermal energy given out by an object. It can also measure the amount of energy released. This is helpful in detecting water leaks, which cannot otherwise be seen. Moisture can also be detected by this infrared camera.

When there is a leak somewhere down a pipe and the source is not visible , then a gas with a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen in the right proportion , called the ‘Trace Gas’,  is sent into the pipe. This gas, being very light, will come out at the point where the leak occurs. Detection probes, which are sensitive to gas, are then used to pinpoint the place of the leak. This Thermal Imaging, which is a Leak Detection method, is quite precise and very effective.

Similarly, Central heating leak detection is a specialised service. Central heating is generally carried by pipe work buried beneath wooden floor boards or even concrete. This again can be detected in the same way as water leak detection. An experienced engineer will be able to use technology to detect whether the leak is in the network of pipes or in the boiler.

When hiring a Cork leak detection company, it should be ensured that it has sufficient relevant experience in water leak detection because water leaks can be very hard to detect and in many cases, the cost of detecting leakage in pipes gets too high and that too without any fruitful results. So, in order to avoid unnecessary disruption and costs, it is highly recommended to choose an experienced company which can perform the task efficiently and without any serious inconvenience.

Repairing leaks in the pipes is not important only for the safety of the building; it is also essential for environmental reasons as leakage in pipes leads to wastage of water.

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