How Dangerous is Black Mold?

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We all know and dislike black mold, but is it something that can wait or is it posing a larger health issue? In this blog post we’re going to talk about the health impact of mold and why you need to get any mold in your home or business addressed as soon as possible.

In addition, should you home be struck with additional water damage at any stage, the current mould will impact on the costs of repair, adding to the damage to your home or business.

What Is Black Mold & How Does It Impact You?

Black mold is dark green or black in colour and is formally known as Stachybotrys Chartarum. It requires moisture and warth to grow and thrive in humid environments. Typically why you see it most commonly in bathrooms. It can grow on a variety of materials including fabrics and walls. It also gives off a smell and can impact your walls. It can also impact your health causing the following reported health problems to name a few:

Difficulty breathing
Stuffed nose
Irritated throat
Irritated eyes
Irritated skin
Lung infection

People who suffer from respiratory conditions are even more at risk. Most black mold is toxic and is detrimental to those already suffering from illnesses.

This article is for guidance only, if you believe you are suffering from an illness related to mold in your home, medical advice should be sought from a qualified medical professional.

If you want professional services to get rid of the mold in your home we can be contacted by clicking here.