7 Signs That You Need To Call A Professional In A Water Leak Situation

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7 Signs That You Need To Call A Professional In A Water Leak SituationDetection of any type of water-related leak is vital to the health of your home. As well as detecting it, when you detect it is also vital. Like any issue the more you put off fixing or getting the problem looked at than the more it will cost you in the long run and more catastrophic results it can have for your home. It is difficult to know if you should try fix/sort it yourself or to contact a professional. We have developed some points that will help you figure out what you can do yourself if you suspect a problem or a leak of some sort, and what should make you call an expert.  Here are 7 signs that you need to call a professional in a water leak situation that you should look out for.

  1. The sound of water running, even though all water-using appliances are off.
  2. Checking the water meter and it was still running while all the water on the property is turned off.
  3. Unexplained mould forming around the house
  4. Peeling away of wallpaper
  5. Damaged paint.
  6. A bad odour in the home
  7. Cracks in the walls.

Water leaks can be very difficult to spot. Water leaks are not always apparent. Seeing a leak or stain in a particular area may not necessarily mean it is coming from that exact spot. It might just be more noticeable in that area.

Our advice is if you suspect a water leak in your home, and you’re not sure of why/what to do then call a professional because if you try to deal with it yourself then you can do more damage putting your home in harm’s way and it may even cost you more in the long run financially. For any additional information contact AM Leak Detection on (021) 486 6133.