5 Ways To Detect Water Leaks

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Finding a leak in your home can be difficult. The fixing of a leak depends mainly on where the leak is coming from in your home. Some leaks are easier to find than others, i.e a leaking pipe under your sink is much easier to find than a leak that is blocked by concrete walls. Leak detection can be done in a number of ways, here are 5 ways to detect water leaks in you5 Ways To Detect Water Leaksr home.

1: Visual Leak Detection

Visual leak detection cameras are small and versatile allowing a clear view through the most inaccessible spaces throughout a home. The use of equipment like endoscopes makes it possible to see into places a person’s head can’t go. The scope of this equipment can be guided through spaces, holes and bends. The damaged part can be then located with minimum destruction of the home and then appropriate action can be taken.

2: Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic leak detection allows you to find and amplify the loudest point of the noise vibration created by leaks in pressurised pipes. By using a highly sensitive microphone it can pick up the sound and convert it into a sound signal. Acoustic detection equipment can be used alone or together with other methods offering incredible detection accuracy without destruction to the home or the individual room.

3: Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Thermal imaging uses infrared imaging technology and a measurement camera to look at and measure the thermal energy coming from a particular object. These cameras can identify problem areas that can’t be seen easily. The thermal imaging infrared camera can detect hidden water leaks and their origin as well as moisture.

4: Trace Gas Leak Detection

A trace gas is used for finding leaks by replacing water with inert gas. It is a safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen. This is introduced into the pipe or place with a suspected leak. This gas will exit at the leak break and rise to the surface where it is easily detected using gas sensitive detection probes.

5: Pipe Tracing Leak Detection

Pipe tracing involves starting at the meter/stopcock and tracing the water line all the way to its endpoints. This process involves using pipe tracing equipment. Depending on the type of pipes (metallic or non-metallic) you wish to trace there is different equipment to cater for those pipes needs.