4 Signs That You Have Mould In Your Home Or Office

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4 Signs That You Have Mould In Your Home Or OfficeMould isn’t just unsightly it can also cause serious health implications for the occupants of the building if left untreated. Watch out for these 4 signs that you have mould in your home or office.

1: Visual Signs

This one may sound obvious but it’s not uncommon for people to completely ignore visual mould growth. Sometimes it’s just put to the back of their mind but mould can also look like dirt or a stain making it easier to ignore. Even if the amount of mould you see is quite small it is a warning sign that it should be removed as it proves that the conditions in your home or office are perfect for mould.

2: Unpleasant Damp Smell

When mould is in one area of the building it will have a strong unpleasant smell of damp. The smell is often not associated right away with mould as the culprit may be lurking inside the walls or behind wallpaper. If the odour is persistent, you probably have mould.

3: Health Symptoms

Many people are allergic to mold and can be affected quite strongly by it. If you can’t smell or see mould that still doesn’t mean that you are home free. If you are experiencing headaches, dizziness, shortened attention span, watery eyes, a rash, wheezing or congestion then it’s possible that you have mould. This is especially true if the symptoms decrease in severity when you are outside or are particularly bad in a particular room. If you have any persistent symptoms you should always pay a visit to the doctor.

4: Unusually High Amount Of Condensation

If there is often quite a lot of condensation on your windows or metal pipes it means that there is a high level of moisture in the building. High humidity in your home is the perfect setting for mould to grow and continue to be fed by moisture. If you have high humidity in your home but you haven’t yet experienced any other signs of mould, you might be one of the lucky ones. Hire a dehumidifier before the your home or office becomes a breeding ground for mould.

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