3 More Dangers Of Untreated Roof Leaks

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3 More Dangers Of Untreated Roof LeaksNow that the summer weather is well and truly over and heavy rain happens almost daily, making sure your roof doesn’t have a leak should be at the top of your list of priorities. A Leaky roof can be dangerous, it can increase your risk of fires, have a negative impact on your health, increase people’s risk of falling and decrease the structural integrity of your building. Here are 3 more dangers of untreated roof leaks.

Damage To Your Attic

One of the first places water from an untreated roof leak goes is into your attic, causing damage to the ceilings below as well as to anything you store up there. This is especially dangerous if you store inventory for your business in your attic as it can wipe out your entire stock while also leaving you with a roof and ceiling repair bill.

Increased Heating Bills

Roof leaks are a double edged sword when it comes to increasing your heating bills. Firstly the warm air that you are using to heat your building can escape through the leak itself and be completely wasted. Secondly the rainwater that comes through the leak can cause your insulation to become saturated and far less effective at doing it’s job of keeping in heat. This can take a long time to dry out and the longer the roof leak goes untreated, the worse your insulation will perform.

Deterioration Of Your Roof

One of the most important things to do if you are trying to keep down roof maintenance costs in the long run is fixing any issues as they arise and before they become a bigger a headache down the line. An untreated leak can cause serious damage to your roofs fasteners, deck and seams. It’s even worse in colder weather as the water that has leaked in can freeze and expand causing further damage and stress to your roof.

Untreated roof leaks can cause damage to your attic and it’s content, increase your utility bills by allowing heat to escape and by compromising your insulation and the longer it is left untreated, the more damage will accumulate on your roof causing a much more expensive repair bill. If you think that might have a leak in your roof, don’t let it go untreated. Contact the roof leak experts today.