3 Factors That Affect Water Damage Repair Costs

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Water can be hugely devastating to your home or business if it gets damaged by it. It has such power it can destroy everything in its path. If your home or business has water damage repairing it immediately is vital. Finding the cause of the water damage, the source and repairing it is half the battle. Water damage can be costly. It can range from high to low dependent on a wide variety of factors. Here are 3 key factors that can impact the cost.

Whether Water Is Still There –

If water is still there it needs to be removed as quickly as possible to reduce the possibility of more damage to your home. Using water pumps, a dehumidifier and other moisture-absorbing tools can be beneficial. This process is absolutely vital but can have additional costs due to the additional time required to remove the moisture before repair work can begin. The sooner this process is started the better for you, your home, business and pocket!

What Type of Water Caused the Damage? –

The type of water, whether it was clean or a hazard, dirty and contaminated can impact the repair required and possible impact on cost. The worst-case scenario is black water or sewage water contaminated with human waste. This means that additional treatment is required for contaminants.

The Presence of Mold –

The development of mould or mildew is the worst part about water damage. Excess moisture needs to be removed to prohibit it from forming. If it is present it can form an additional step you repair.

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