3 Clues That You Have A Hidden Water Leak

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3 Clues That You Have A Hidden Water LeakHidden water leaks can go on for huge stretches of time without being noticed. But just because you haven’t noticed them doesn’t mean that they aren’t causing significant damage to your property. As with any water leak, the sooner the find the source and fix it the better, as it gives it less time to cause damage and minimises the chances of it getting worse and becoming a more serious and more expensive problem. Here are 3 clues that you have a hidden water leak.

1: Dampness In Under-Sink Cabinets

If you have a cabinet under any or all of your sinks, shine a light in there and look for any signs of dampness and moisture. While you are there, watch out for signs of corrosion on the valves and pipes. If you find unexplained damp spots or corrosion, the chances are you have a hidden water leak.

2: Musty Smell

If when you walk into a particular room in your home or office, usually the bathroom, and there is regularly a must smell you may have a hidden leak. The musty smell is often caused by standing water that has leaked from a pipe and is now trapped with nowhere to go. Even if the smell doesn’t last all day, if it is regular it’s very likely that you have a leak on your hands.

3: Stains In Cabinets

Break rooms and kitchens under bathrooms and shower areas are common places to find signs of a leak. Take a look through your cabinets and cupboards, looking out for dark marks or unusual staining. Sometimes, if the leak is severe you can even see it running down the back of the cabinet or pooling inside. If you see these clues, call a leak detection company immediately as the leak is travelling down and through your walls and could be damaging the structural integrity of the building.

Watching out for clues that you have a hidden water leak can save you a fortune in the long run. Remember to check in sink cabinets for dampness and corrosion of pipes, watch out for ongoing musty odours and check kitchen/break room cabinets for stains and moisture. If you find any of these signs of a hidden leak, contact Advance Maintenance Leak Detection today, we will be out to you as soon as possible to track down the source of your leak and fix it for good.